Mark Solotroff of Anatomy of Habit and BLOODYMIND


Mark Solotroff's artwork and music focuses on several related key themes, including how cities develop, both organically and through organized planning, how the human body navigates urban environments, and how people navigate and interact with each other, particularly in an age of alienation caused by severe digital fragmentation.

In the music world, Solotroff is best known as the vocalist of both the doom metal band Anatomy of Habit and the heavy electronic band BLOODYMINDED, and as the founder of the early post-industrial band Intrinsic Action. He also has a 35 year history playing analog synthesizer. His synth work has been at the core of his bands BLOODYMINDED and Intrinsic Action, he has recorded and released 100 hours of lo-fi analog synth music under the name Super Eight Loop, which he has been digitizing and remastering throughout 2019, and he is part of the dark-synth group Nightmares, who have a new release due in 2020, and the post-industrial trio, Ensemble Sacrés Garçons, who recorded a new album in Milan, in 2019.

Solotroff has also collaborated with and contributed synth and/or vocals to numerous bands, ranging from a four year role in Wrekmeister Harmonies (Thrill Jockey), to live appearances and/or studio recordings with diverse electronic, experimental and metal bands, including The Atlas Moth, Brutal Truth, Consumer Electronics, Indian, Locrian, Plague Bringer, Sigillum S, and The Sodality.

In late 2019, Solotroff's synth was included on new releases by Azar Swan ("The Hissing Crane" on Primal Architecture) and The Body ("Remixed" on Thrill Jockey).

As a solo artist, Solotroff focuses on recording and performing tenebrous analog synth music. His bass-heavy soundscapes have been said to unsettle some listeners and calm others. He views these recordings and performances as possible soundtracks for movement through metropolitan terrains, whether by foot, bike, car, or public transportation.

Since 2017, he has released a series of recordings as limited edition cassettes, and they are also available through all major digital platforms. An evolution from his overloaded wall-of-synth-noise Super Eight Loop recordings, which he began while living in New York and which were intended as soundtracks for walking through a pre-sterilization Times Square, his new recordings are far more nuanced and dynamic. Notably, they are meant to be listened to at a more moderate volume – allowing city sounds to blend into the music – and so as not to drown out voices, traffic, construction and other day-to-day urban sounds that one might encounter.